The easiest way to protect your child.

Stoveblock helps prevent burns and scars caused by boiling hot pans, pots and splatters. Slide the heat-resistant shield into the base on your worktop when you’re cooking, flip it up or store it away when you’re done.

  • Injury and death

    According to the WHO, the kitchen is considered the most dangerous place in the house, with burns being a significant cause of injury and mortality in children worldwide.

  • 30% thinner skin

    Infants have skin that is 30% thinner, making them more susceptible to burns at lower temperatures. Exposure to 60°C for just three seconds can already cause severe burns.

  • Scars grow too

    A child's body is smaller, resulting in burns covering a larger surface area. Furthermore, the burn scar continues to grow as your child grows.

Simple, safe and beautiful

Stoveblock keeps your child safe, your kitchen looking good, and lets you cook with ease.

  • Easy install

    No screws. No tools. Simply attach the aluminum base to your kitchen worktop with the included mounting tape.

  • Out of sight in a heartbeat

    Flip up the heat-resistant shield or store it away when you're not cooking.

  • Aluminum base

    Aerospace-grade aluminum with superior thermal properties. Matte black anodized ( non-rusting ), built to last for years.

  • Heat-resistant shield

    Flexible, lightweight, nearly indestructible thermoplastic. Transparent gray. Features impact dampeners.

  • Suitable for all cooktops

    Gas, induction, electric, and ceramic integrated cooktops.

  • Mounting tape

    Extreme strength, waterproof, works on almost any type of worktop, and leaves no residue upon removal.

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About us

Our story

Stoveblock was born from a family tragedy when a toddler was scarred for life by pulling down a hot pan. Determined to prevent such accidents, we made it our mission to create a safe and beautiful product to protect other families from similar fates.

Our business

Stoveblock is manufactured and sold under the responsibility of Strictly Solutions B.V., Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 93234465 Fregat 463, 1113EJ Diemen, Netherlands. Stoveblock® intellectual property and trademarks are owned or licensed to Strictly Solutions B.V. 2024 © Strictly Solutions B.V. or its licensor(s). All rights reserved. Changes reserved without notice.

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